Stop hatin' all the time, rethugs!

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Disagreement with Dear Leader is now hate

Because what can be more progressive than to fake an issue for the low information voters when Democrats have nothing else to run on?

Therefore, our most urgent message to all the teabaggers and rethugs is to stop hatin' on Dear Leader.

Don't like the idea of completely opening our borders and enrolling everyone and everything that comes through (including tumbleweeds, armadillos, scorpions, coyotes, large spiders, lizards, lice, fleas, ticks, etc.) as voters from our party? Well then you hate Dear Leader. Stop hatin' on him already and get to work doing his bidding!

Don't want to give Dear Leader a blank check to put any amount of monopoly money on it that he pleases? Well, you are hatin' Dear Leader. Stop that!

Don't like the sports teams that Dear Leader currently likes based on where he is making a speech? Why are you hatin' on Dear Leader? Quit it already!

Comrades, we must demand that everyone work with Dear Leader, agree with Dear Leader 100% of the time all the time, support him, and give him whatever he wants NOW! If you don't, then, well, you are hatin' on him! And we all know why: Dear Leader is the first half black president and he doesn't look like all those racist typical white dudes that came before him. And if you don't 100% support Dear Leader's agenda, then you support his racist predecessors instead. And that means you are hatin' on Dear Leader.

But Comrades, we must carry this to its logical conclusion. If you were around during Dear Leader Stalin's time and disagreed with what he did, whether you were in the Soviet Union or anywhere else, you were hatin' on him. And probably because you just didn't like Georgians. Racist!

Those who supported independence from Great Britain in the American Revolution were hatin' on King George III. And worst of all, the USSA named a city after the guy who was a big league hater of King George III. And then we force poor Dear Leader to live in a city named after a hater when people are constantly hatin' on Dear Leader. How horrible of us. Can't we move the nation's capital to Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard for Dear Leader's sake?

Now, our own party has never done any hatin'. Never in its entire history. No, just because we opposed George W. Bush <spit> on everything, that was being the loyal opposition. We HAD to oppose him. It was for the children, Comrades. And besides, George W. Bush KNEW Dear Leader would follow him so the Bushhitler (remember, no hatin' here) spent his entire residency (that's not hatin') messing everything up for Dear Leader when he eventually took over. We had to oppose everything he did because we had to try and undo the problems he was causing for Dear Leader because the Bushitler is a racist and was hatin' on Dear Leader. And Incurious George the Chimp (remember, no hatin' here, Comrades) is STILL hatin' on Dear Leader because even five years in, the Bushitler is still thwarting our glorious Dear Leader. Can't the Bushitler let it go and just accept that we have the first half black president?

And our party was never hatin' on Romney <spit> and we certainly weren't hatin' on that disgusting Wicked Witch of the Northwest, Sarah Palin <triple spit>! We were never hatin' on Rush Limberger <spit> the REAL leader of the rethug party or Glenn Beck <spit> who clearly is just out there to get a mental disorder named after him.

Comrade Lois Lerner has never been hatin' on people either.

So rethugs, stop hatin' all the time. Really, you typical old racist white dudes, stop the hatin'. Just give in to work with Dear Leader for once!


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Oh yes, yes, yes, I hate all those haters! How dare they be hatin' on beloved Dear Leader? I spit in their teacups.

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" Stop hatin' all the time ! "

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Yes sir, Mr. President .... thanks for setting me straight on that.

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Why should Dear Leader (PBUH) pay attention to Rethuglikkan amateurs, when he can get professional treatment at home?

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I guess another caption for the lead image would be "They just hate me because I'm green."

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About time the Great Leader said Himself what we who are of superior intellect (to the proles, of course; we could never be nearly as intellectual as our Great Leader) already know!

Disagreement Is Hatred!
Hatred Is Treason!



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Comrade Red Square, most equal and most perfect heading! And ah, such wonderful visions of the most glorious face of Dear Leader. He shows us what it is like to be our party's definition of kind, compassionate, and willingness to work across party lines. Why do the rethugs keep hatin' on him so much with that most glorious face?

Comrades Trashmouth, Krasnodar, Tovarichi, Captain Craptek, even more glorious visions of Dear Leader and FLATUS. It is so nice that we have these two in office in an age of such easy photography. Imagine if they were in office in the nineteenth century when tintypes and such limited technology made pictures of the presidents more rare? Why, we would be so deprived of such wonderful pictures of our depraved Dear Leader.

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Nineteenth Century ?

A big problem ..... no teleprompter !

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Ah yes, that's right! No TOTUS = no glorious POTUS!

In visiting the museum to Herbert Hoover <triple spit for evil rethug that caused sooo many problems for the glorious Comrade FDR --- no hatin' here> I saw an early version of a teleprompter for his post presidential years. It was like a teletype with scrolling paper! Imagine the environmental waste of that if Dear Leader's most glorious reign was during such a low tech time! The sheer number of empty speeches for consumption of low information voters would probably eliminate all the forests on Gaia/Mother Earth!

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Red Square wrote:I guess another caption for the lead image would be "They just hate me because I'm green."
After all, it's not easy being green!

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Comrade B-rad will set 'em straight. right correct.