The Million Obama Mask March

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Make no graven image of me, commanded the prophet Obama.

All of this is deadly serious stuff to the true believing Obamunist. Making fun of Obama! Such insolence.

However, the truth leaks out:

Nothing in a totalitarian state is real, even the opposition to the totalitarian state is sham. This was actually a OFA job. The rodeo clown is an agent of the state, the rodeo crowd that laughed, all agents of the state. The entire charade was put together by the totalitarian state.

Why? The state has it's reasons. Underground opposition to the state must be demonized, infiltrated, and used by the state for it's own purposes.

Nothing is real. Everything is the state. Even the opposition.

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Ready for the Million Mask March

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Even with all the heckling, Dear Leader retains his sense of humor: there's always Moochelle.

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A joke that got the clown in trouble: "I hear some Rodeo horses got fired today for impersonating my wife's rear end."

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Captain Craptek wrote:Even with all the heckling, Dear Leader retains his sense of humor - there's always Moochelle.
Pardon me, comrade, but wouldn't a Mooochelle mask be more like this?


Per the People's Director...

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