The People's Cube is now an online game

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A dedicated People's Cube gamer has just created an online puzzle that allows you to solve Rubik's Cube on your screen, using the mouse or the keyboard. He's also created a puzzle page with the People's Cube. Those who give up trying to solve Rubik's Cube, are forwarded to the People's Cube page, where they are declared winners in state-approved, harassment-free gaming.

All difficulty levels are equally easy. In fact, you can't tell them apart. Equality of results is guaranteed as expected.

Try it at the links below. The first three winners will receive awards which will then be equally redistributed among all players.

State-approved, harassment-free gaming

Kapitalistik, oppressive blood sport gaming

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Whew! A most gratifying game! I thought I had lost when I really had won! I love it when that happens!