The People's Galley Honors Obama's Russia Policy

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It is with great pleasure to announce a special dish created to honor President Obama's deft handling of Foreign affairs. Ever since the famous 'reset' button was pushed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, our relations with Russia have truly begun to reset the clock back to the days when the Soviet Union was still a viable enterprise, complete with occupying sovereign countries on her borders.

Ms. Clinton and Mr. Lavrov press the 'reset' button in U.S / Russian Foreign Relations
Recent events by Russian leader Vladimir Putin to take back the Crimea and partition the Ukraine to continue to reconstitute the Soviet Empire, can only be called nothing short of a thriving and crowning success story of the Obama Russia 'reset' policy.

The People's Navy Galley is proud to have created a dish that truly symbolizes the results of our current reset Russian foreign policy. We proudly present:

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Teenie Weenies Wrapped in Cheesy Pronouncement Slices With Kool-Aid

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Tensions may escalate in the weenie wars ... what next after kielbasa?

"Mine's bigger"

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Comrade Snoogie, I won't ask where you managed to find hotdogs provided you leave some on the back porch of my dacha.

I'm torn as to my loyalties in this Ukrainian matter. Instinctively, I want to side with Mother Russia and blame America first. Yet now America has a genuine Communist at the helm and frankly, Putin seems the imperialist Capitalist aggressor.

Perhaps if you'd refrain from blowing that goddamn whistle through the intercom system every time you make a post it would be easier for me to think.

Yes, I know, thinking is counter revolutionary. I denounce me.