The Vision of the World of Next Tuesday

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Comrades, Monday night I had a disturbing, yet strangely erotic dream/vision that I must reveal. As it happens, I am off on Mondays and so the first day of my cover identity "work week" is Tuesday. In my dream vision, which was actually more of a dream within a dream as you will see, I dreamed that I awoke as the sun rose on a beautiful Tuesday morming. But unlike other mornings, there was such a feeling of ecstacy, a sense of old things passing away, and a new day having arrived. I heard this sound of insane laughing and alarmed by what sounded like silver and gold pieces dripping on the marble floor outside my humble bedroom. In burst the Chairman, a bottle of vodka in his hand, one tucked in under his belt, and there was money just falling out of his pockets, even just dripping it seemed off his boney hands. Yet he was deliriously happy, and showed not the least of concern about this booty falling out. In alarm I shouted "No Chairman, you are losing money!" But this failed to alarm him and he simply laughed more as he said "Not to worry Commissar, there is plenty more where that came from!" The Chairman escorted me to a shiney new Kennedy Edition Caddilac limosine where 7 beautiful lady comrades sat with 7 shiney toasters in their laps. In the front sat the Premier playing a video game wearing Sweedish garb and mumbling that "I'll believe it's true when it's safe to come back."

Comrades, the things I saw and did with the Chairman and his "friends" are best left to your wildest imaginations. I staggered back to my dacha bewildered and exhausted. Still in the dream, I "woke" once more to the sight of the Charirman, dressed as a Kennedy cop, and pockets again stuffed with money. We make it out to the car, and I am greeted by 7 common proles and a new batch of 7 lovely comrades with their toasters, and Nancy! Nancy was on top of the world in her excitement having become the most powerful woman in history. She was wearing her traditional "power bitch" outfit with a diamond bracelet with a key to an"Obama Testicle Lock Box" whatever that is, I was afraid to ask. She was telling the most hilarious stories about the Empress, but I noticed everything she said was in the past tense and she would spit out some red slime every time she mentioned her name. Priemier Betty was there in the front still, mumbling his disbelief and doubts. We took off on yet another amazing journey, as I was taken to 7 bramd new gulags where we dropped off a prole at each location. The Chairman then took me to the top of the UN building and said "It's all for us Commissar, it is all for us."

Without going into further details, as there may be still some "innocents" among our readers, suffice it to say that in my dream, every time I woke up and it was a Tuesday, and this happened 7 times, each time I was awoken by the Chairman in increasingly odd dress, and taken to increasingly exotic "power" trips. I must note that on the last of the trips, finally even the Premier had relaxed and singing some old labor union classics along with the Comrade Red Square. But after this seventh "awakening," I did awake for real. I saw where my tin foil hat had fell off during the night, and quickly replaced it.

I thought no more about this dream as I proceeded my regular duties for the Party, and was caught up on the latest Current Truth, progress reports etc. being broadcast by the Hero Space Dog. That is until I entered the building where I "work" in real life. This building prohibits clear radio transmissions at times, and it was then that the visions of the previous night came back to mind. It was then, with no guidance coming from mu tin foil hat, that I started thinking about what my vision might mean. Comrades, it struck me like a load of beets what I had seen and what it portends for us and the Party.

It is my belief, that come the glorious appearing of the World of Next Tuesday, that we shall do away with the quaint, and unprogressive notion of seven days to a week. This has been a chain imposed on the world by the likes of the Spanish Inquisition and later, Bush and Haliburton. Comrades! Coming soon, every day will be Tuesday! No longer will the proles be prevented from their desire to build the glorious socialist state by such notions of "days off." Every day will be equal, every day will be another glorious day to prove one's devotion to the Party. There will be an increase in productivity like this world has never seen when every collective, every factory, every gulag will be running 24/7 for the glory of the Party! I have a dream comrades!

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Speaking of glorious visions, where are you Nancy? I have been aching to see your lovely face for sometime now. You are looking hotter and hotter with every passing day as the Empress is seeing her hold on power slip through her greedy talons like her hubby's contribution to Monica's dress.

Please drop in here and grace us with your presence! As always, I am here to serve!

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Will she try to steal the presidency again if she comes back?

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What a glorious vision of the coming Progressive World of Next Tuesday (which will come next Tuesday and not this Tuesday). America will become the land of milk and subsidies in this glorious new world, Comrades. Want and need will fade away as they state ensures that all needs are met and that everyone -- EVERYONE!! -- is equal (except for us who will be more equal than others). What a wonderful world we will force upon the masses! Of course some will have to be, well, "liquidated" in order to achieve such a utopia -- but it isn't like they will missed anyways.

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Premier Betty wrote:Will she try to steal the presidency again if she comes back?

Premier Betty, do you not see? With the Empress out of the picture, and an even larger majority in the house, and most likely the senate, no matter who is elected president, Nancy will have their testicles in a lock box,

Hail Nancy!

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The more I think of the coming World of Next Tuesday, it dawned on me that the term PeopleWeek does not apply, The whole notion of weeks will be meaningless with every day being Tuesday. So now, every day will be PeopleDay™! Another boon to the state.... those proles who were accustomed to receive a salary on Friday.....sorry pal, every day is Tuesday! Oh, the State will indeed be without limits!