Trump beats COVID-19 by nicknaming caught Corona specimens

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Our sources from WRNMMC, the Walter Reed Medical Center, tell the hilariously uplifting story. Still giggling, they said: Look, the first CoV-2 exemplar found on him - "PongPings" is what he calls them - so, the doctors found one, and The Donald, good-humored, right off said "well, that's Sleepy Jok".

Now, you wouldn't believe it, but that "Jok" instantly lost orientation, moved its peplomers - those outer spikes - incoherently, and tried to jump the head of Dr. * (she's noted for her superb shock of hair). Next "Jok" was heard boasting and aggrandizing itself as "not a virus, but a bacteria". Then it shortly tried to plagiarize bacterial DNA ("for plugs", it allegedly murmured). Rapidly getting ever thinner and chaotic, it soon vanished (some disjointed remainders of "Jok" have been later - supposedly - identified in Walter Reed's basement).

Of course, further specimens were found on the President. And The Don just continued "Here, this one is Reboot-Edge-Edge" (that was a chubby yet edgily acting one). The next one, somewhat tiny (just 45 nanometers), "Wow, that's Mini Mikey". It got truly cheerful, and the doctors hastened to find more of those nano-troublemakers. Uh, here we have one - slow, murky, yet slick - and The Don "Oh, what have we here, Cryin' Shmuck".
Laughter, and here comes the next, a bit inert - "Hah, Low Energy Pep". Then, a somewhat unspheric yet piercingly colored - "Crooked Shrillary!" A mucous one - "Well, Slimeball Coromey". And further ones came tumbling down the electronic micro-pincettes: "Nervous Shmancy", "Sleepy Creep" again, "Wacky Tom", a mishmash-colored "Puke-a-Hontas".

Feeling the heat of derision, coronators regrouped and changed tactics. A micro-thimble of them was caught, all near identic, colorless. "Party Soldiers", subsumed Orange Donald. Thereupon coronators regrouped again, shiny now, peplomers waving - a beam of Regeneron (Don: "Degeneron") fell on them, and kaputted they were into a cloudlet of random molecules. But here, look, a full 250 nano in diameter popped up - "Fatso GenSec", judged Don promptly. And on and on...

Nurses and doctors chuckling (yet stern, despite Trump every so often teasing them "Here's Donny!"), now a lunch break proclaimed. "Oh, will there be Taco Bowls? McMuffins?", so Donald, "And don't forget ice cream! For me, two scoops - decorated as PongPings, red plemplomers on top!".

Doctors at Walter Reed hospital and SARS-CoV-2 researchers are enthusiastic and confident that this - yea, they call it "TDT, The Donald Treatment" - is a successful, trailblazing way to ultimately beat the pandemic, worldwide.

Trump demonstrates the WRMC doctors his favorite tactics in dodging Corona.
He splains "You know, just do a Mini Mike!"