Weekend at Bennie's

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Thanks to Comrade Goose for the most equal contibution.

This summer's greatest hit!

This summer a new film that will portray a more light-hearted story of the progressive's greatest guilt inducing mascot will be in theaters for only a small vodka ration per viewer.

It is a tale of love, war, and tragedy that the whole genetically related unit of all ages can enjoy! Filmed in beautiful Pakistan an the Arabian Sea, this film will speak to millions about the negative impact on Arabic culture by the industrial elites in the United States.

While a group of Navy SEALS undergo their home invasion, they see crying relatives of their victim pour their hearts out after their loss due to a gun fight at an Abbotabad home. This causes their hearts to sink, and out of remorse for their actions they go on a emotionally powerful quest to show the world that there still are some Americans who do not hurt for pleasure or gain. While running from the CIA and following Barack Obama's flawless example, they go to every country they can with their new friend Bennie Laden on a good-will and apologizing tour attempting to show the world community that this whole thing was just a giant misunderstanding on our part, and that they are willing to accept responsibility.

Will they succeed in their progressive quest and recieve redemption, or will American war mongrels stop them from showing the world the truth of the United States and it's unstoppable quest for oil?

  • I laughed, I cried, I flew my private jet across the country for a private screening.
    -Rossie O'Donnell
  • It wasn't a documentary, but I can still appreciate the message. I loved how Bush is uncovered here as the villain he is. It really shows just how wasteful of a society we are. I wonder if the mass amount of ignorant people in this country will get it without my guiding hand to enlighten them.
    -Michael Moore
  • Needs More bombs... But I will still force my students to watch it.
    -Bill Ayers
  • Hugo loved the film, while I was cleaning his shoes and getting refreshments for him I heard a healthy amount of laughs. Without actually seeing the film itself, I still felt the self hate and guilt needed to be a productive member of humanity.
    -Sean Penn
  • This is by far the most in-depth and spot-on representation of our oppressive actions. I couldn't help but cry when I thought that maybe someday we will actually do some good in this world.
    -Danny Glover
  • Maybe there is hope for America after all.
    - Muammar Gaddafi

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Is many rumors around tractor barn that Comrade Muammar Moammar Momaar Moamarr Gaddafi Kadaffi Qadaffi QuadaffyKadaffy is in serious talks about sequel "Weekend at Bennies Part Ithnan (two), Road Trip to Crawford; co-starring Kim-Jong Il and Cindy Sheehan and directed by Michael Moore...

but Moamar is still confused by the "buzz" from Washington DC that the A) needs to be in it, B) has no role in this one, C) we can't force him to be in it, that's up to the people of Hollywood, and D) Seal Team 6 will deliver a contract and script using address book we waterboarded five years ago... All statements from same talent agent in three week span.

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I especially enjoyed the little cut out segments during the final credits showing the detainees getting waterboarded for the information!
~ Nancy Pelosi

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Violence never solved anything...

(except when it does)

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Can I get that on Ice? Is this like friends with Bennies, or are the Bennies more al a carte? Will The Party stay the course or is this just a weekend fling?

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I sense a new book franchise coming on.....1001 Things to Do With a Dead Terrorist.

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I am full of such disappointing disappointment - Mrs. Al and I were both hoping to play & portray the wives Comrade Osama Obama (DANG, does anyone else keeping making this typo?) which Osamo threw at the Navy SEALs upon his discovery. I had my dress all picked out, too. I was deciding between the one on the left and the one in the middle
and I been had my practicing my lines for years (LALALALALALALA can be said in so many ways!). ( ******!!)

so disappointing.......

If anyone would still an autograph, please let me know.

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Chedoh wrote:Thanks to Comrade Goose for the most equal contibution.

This summer's greatest hit!
* * *

This is a brilliant post with awesome photoshopping.
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All the news is about weather to show the pictures or not. An administration official (I don't remember his name, they change so much) says “If we show the pictures, people still won't believe it to be true”. I'm like…, “he's right.” I mean, who are we to question?

Then he went on about how showing the pictures could affect an old man in Afghanistan. Apparently, if we show the pictures old men in some parts of the World will side up with the Taliban. And I don't blame them.

Maybe they should have kept the whole thing a secret.

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Has anyone heard from Dr. Janeane Gawdawfulo? I surprised she hasn't weighed in on this.

"[highlight=#ffff99]Then he went on about how showing the pictures could affect an old man in Afghanistan.[/highlight]"
I don't know about other old men, but this old man, when he hears an unscheduled chopper landing in his back yard, this old man heads for his bunker that's under a fake bunker.

Just kidding, who would want to hurt Grigori? Evertbody loves me... I think.

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A stunning most most equal post by Comrade Goose! Stunning!
Thank you Chedoh!

As for hearing from Jeaneane, dear Grigori, my esteemed spiritual advisor. Hmmm, I think she might just be a bit "heavy" for such a response on this. I mean, she, herself, admits to as much, by referring to herself as "genetically prone" to heaviness. A true Darwinist!

You are so wise about the choppers, Grigori! I live here, in L.A., and hear them every night! I'm not scared! This sound is my lullaby! I've come to expect it. In fact, it helps me sleep at night, knowing I am protected from something! Not exactly sure what it is, though. But, I'm protected nonetheless!

I would never want to hurt you! And I, for one, do love you! So you're safe! Relax! Think no more!

Your most grateful,

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From today's News of the Force

Dear Westboro Baptist Church,

We have a funeral you can protest.

It's in the North Arabian Sea.

We'll help you pack.

Sincerely, SEAL Team 6.

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Benny did his job to get Obama reelected, bow Benny may go. Never let a good crisis go to waste!

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Incidentally, DO NOT READ "No Easy Day", the book written by one of the SEAL Team Leaders who was there, as it claims that the 45-minute firefight Dear Leader spoke of when he told the world again of his greatness about the mission never happened. >spit< The so-called SEAL claims that the only resistance was from behind a closed door in the other building, and it was immediately dealt with (in approximately ONE minute).

Stupid military.