Welcome to the World of Next Tuesday

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With the arbitrary turning of a arbitrary date we have entered a new era! In less than three arbitrary weeks our new glorious leader will take over.

I see several problems.

Once The Obama takes power, will we have any further need for Capitalist Time Measuring Units? Will not seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years become obsolete? What need do we have for time? Time will only serve to put limits on the Change we all Hope for. I say do away with the obsolete and oppressive notion of time and replace it all with just a single measurement; the Chour. After all, the only thing we have time for is Change and Hope.

In order to create the most time to hope for change, a day with have 100 chours. A HopeWeek will have 100 ChangeDays, and a Chear will have 100 HopeWeeks. Think of how much more can be done now with these new, progressive time units!

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Excellent! A visionary metric system for time; this is a very Euro-socialist concept in keeping with the new progressive era! We must allocate trillions of dollars to change all the clocks in the country and thus stimulate the economy. You think like a true Progressive, Comrade! By the way, what time is lunch (assuming we still get lunch)?

P.S. I am reminded of the old song (by the group "Chicago" ironically enough) "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" Thanks to you, Comrade7.62, the people will soon be able to answer that question!

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You have a brilliant concept comrade and it is one that I'm sure will be appropriated by The Party in the name of The Greater Good™. After all, if we can alter the method of tracking time itself, the reaching of arbitrary "goals" within arbitrary "time limits" will become irrelevant.

The outdated, bourgeois popularity contests we call "elections" can still be held as a means of appeasing the Proletariat but how often is "every two years" or "every four years" in Party time? Who cares? There is no need to measure "new time" against "old time", no need to convert one system to the other. Time is what The Party says it is and things will occur when The Party says it is "time" for them to occur.

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Comrade Comrade7.62,

This is an excellent idea, like the Decabet alphabet that will purge the so-called "trash letters" W-Z and some others. As Chairman Mao simplified Chinese ideographs, so Comrade Obama will liberate your idea to simplify time.

But diverging from the topic, I hope Comrade Obama takes some Middle East foreign policy tips from S.O.D. (loud, fast, short, and profane):

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