Zombie Report: Sluts on Parade in San Francisco, 2012

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Another photo essay from our friend Zombie, who has infiltrated the Left Coast.

San Francisco hosted its second annual SlutWalk on Saturday, September 8, and just like last year I showed up with a small group of fellow sluts to join the cutting edge of American politics.

I covered the first SlutWalk in 2011, but I was hoping, what with the whole Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh controversy, the Todd Akin brouhaha, and many delegates at the Democratic convention wearing “Sluts Vote” pins, that this year's SlutWalk would be bigger, bolder and better than ever. Alas, it was not to be.


Capitalism, schmapitalism. THIS visual message will be burned into my eyes for as long as they can blink.


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Image Good Lord. Leave it to San Freaking Francisco, where almost anything goes nowadays (and does), to come up with a freaking "SlutWalk." I have no hope for the Democratic People's Republic of Kalifornia.......

Image But we do not at all stray from our suggestion that every major city should have such a spectacular celebration?!?! The low turnout is probably due to the still-rather-prominent but antiquated ideas of "morals" which are damaging to the well-being and longevity of the State. Of course it may also be because Unified Information ran little promotion for this event and, having realized our mistake, there will be consequences for those who could have intervened...

And of course, a good comrade knows it is absolutely OKAY to be a slut...Just Ask Sandra!

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It appears that cows really are happy in the PRoK.

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That sure is a strange place to keep a Yorkie. Or is that a toupee?

It could be a patch of something which once covered the pate of Jimmy Swaggert. As to what that creature deserves, being sedated, tagged, banded, and having a radio collar attached by Fish and Wildlife Service is appropriate.

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Clothes or no clothes, it would take many bottles of vodka to work up any kind of respect for Miz Beaver.

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Maybe her assumption is the respect she is due to her body weight.

SHEWould be do even more respect if she wore horse shoes.
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I don't know Miss Hairpie personally, but I'll wager that if I did, I would respect her just as little much with 3 layers of clothing on. Another great ambassador of the Party.

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The Left is getting pretty bored without a Republican president in the White House.

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OK, I changed my mind, I would respect Miz Beaver (although Miss Hairpie is a pretty good shot too) a lot more if she were wearing a burkha.