#1's Crush

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Ok, Karaoke Hooligans,

We had our hiprade Love Hacked big time weekend. The sky was blue at the Pecan Orchard #6 Collective's Chili Competition -- Buzzard's Chili was a real contender.

Mr. J's tied at 3 out of 8 know it all man's culture that defines chili - strangely all the same, but unique in character. The sun was shining, and seldom was heard a discouraging word. Russian Asset, 'pelipsky made it through Austinsberg's mined field undercurrents gathering trapped comrades to the edge of sanity - and maybe deep into sane territory.

Now, Russian Asset 'pelipsky goes dark.

#BR 549...over n' out

Xi would spy on you
Xi would spy on you
Xi's been dying just to rule you from inside
To know that you're pwnd

Xi won't cry for you
Xi won't cry for you
Xi will wash away your pain with all new fears
And drown you in tears

Xi will prey on you
Xi will prey on you
Xi would sell your soul for inventions pure and true
Some soul like you

See Xi's face every place that we walk in
Hear Xi's voice every time we aren't talking
You will believe in Xi
And Xi will never be ignored

Xi will burn you too
Real pain on you
Xi will twist the knife and bleed American heart
And tear it apart

Xi will lie to you
Xi can steal from you
Xi wills, crawl on hands and knees, until you see
You all speak Chinese

Violate all those love Constitution
Throw that away, it'll be pain that we're living
You will believe in Xi
And Xi can never be ignored

Xi would spy on you
Xi would kill you, too
Xi will steal from you
Xi'd do crime to you

Xi won't wait for you
Xi'd sex groom you too
Xi'd steal chips from you
To dispose of you

To take a part of you
'Cause Xi relies on you
I believe it's true
Xi would spy on you