Bag Of Lies

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Lies, lies and lies and lies…
One's company, two's a crowd, ya get it?
Lies, lies and lies…
Disappear! Don't cha see I'm busy? Hit the boulevard!
Lies, lies and lies…

Always above our laws
Lies, lies and lies
I'll be the President
Lies, lies, lies, lies
My bags are full, oh boy
I am ca-ca
I'm above the hoi palloi!
Lies, lies, lies, lies!

I think I'm oh so smart
Hide this and that
It started from the start
I'm a Dem rat!

Hum it, strum it, sing it, drum it
Oh how rich I'm getting from it
Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies

I'm taking over Gov!
Lies, lies, lies, lies
I'm Hill'ry full of bull!
Bull, bull, bull!

Don't care, I love me more!
Full of ca-ca!
Our-r country is done for!
Break all our laws – stinks!

Don't want a Fed'ral sting!
Lies told now hourly
I lie — I am a scream
Wow! I'm so soury!

Hum it, strum it, sing it, drum it
I am just a Commie strumpet!
Lies, lies and lies and lies, lies

[ lies told as often as you hear the taps ]

Look! No hands!

[ tap-tap – more lies ]

Laws! Laws! — break those laws!
Bill's my partner helps me break those laws!

[ lie! faster! faster! ]

Hum it! (hum it) Strum it! (strum it)
Sing it! (sing it) Drum it! (drum it)
Oh how rich I'm getting from it!
Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies!