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Komrades of Karaoke Hooliganism Brigade, (Special Forces® Unit)

YOU have selected to be here.

and JackalipskyRose knows you comrades are feeling lonesome for that American Dream waiting for you back in Trumputler's Amerikkka, and you turn the radio dial to TPC.

It's Friday Karaoke Hooliganism for the Best of the Best Comrades Special Forces® Unit because you selected to be here, to find out about KKKommies, and other extraneous bodily fluid stuff; most recently involving Living in the Age of Corona and toilet paper. Well anyway...

But for you, most equal comrades who elected to be here, IggilipskyRose has a reeducated hipestercomradeexplaination for what's going on for you.

forelock tugs out to you, comrades!

Frightclubbing they're frightclubbing
Pol Pot's happening
Frightclubbing they're frightclubbing
They're packed huma-chines
Don't need people brand new people
You're nothing, you see
When they're frightclubbing, frightclubbing
All Marxsectin' wild

Frightclubbing they're frightclubbing
They're stalking our towns
Frightclubbing they're frightclubbing
They walk like we're toast
They learn stances brand new histances
They're so nuclear bombed
When they're frightclubbing
Right White clubbing
All MarxSectin' wild...