I'll Remember The News That Al Baghdadi Died

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Well I'll remember the news that Al Baghdadi died
They said at the last minute he was a coward and cried
It made no impression on me when I saw what the Wapo did
They talked of his religion and scholarship I'm mad that they did
Baghdadi was the worst terrorists around
Many called a hero and they'd follow Baghdadi around
I used to wonder why Baghdadi preached eternity
Never took his own life 'fore he was chased by a puppy

Baghdadi was known to rape a lot I could never understand
He tried to wipe the Yazidis from across the Syrian land
Baghdadi used to preach all about his terrorists ways
There no retirement and it will lead you to an early grave

I guess libs won't admit that Baghdadi helped obama scheme
They seem to forget obama called him the JV Team
When Baghdadi lived he was just a squamous that needed be crushed somehow
He pulled the trigger on bomb vest to evade capture now

Well I'll remember the news that Al Baghdadi died
Nobody could have known that the news would make all the liberals cry
Well I know there's a lotta big news men that know a lot more than I do
But it could be that good news gets a little cherry picked too
Yeah I'll remember the news that Al Baghdadi died