It Wasn't Me

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Well it was new born, and crying
Was hoping to be fed
The doctor took him in and killed him instead
It wasn't me
No no baby it wasn't me
Ah, that must have been some other doctor,
No, no child it wasn't me

Well, he'd be cool, young whipper snapper
Would love to run and play
Planned Parenthood came in they aborted him today
It wasn't me
No that baby wasn't me
Yeah, pictures of another body,
No, no child it wasn't me

Lookin' in old annuals what do you know?
Somebody standing there in a hood a black face to go
It wasn't me
Woo, it wasn't me
Yeah that must've been some blackfaced actor,
No, no child it wasn't me

Wearin' a MAGA Hat
They say it's just white power
The media made story suddenly went sour
It wasn't true
No CNN it wasn't me
Well you must have met some other body,
No, no it wasn't me

Well CNN broke a story
Bout the Russians one night
Tried to verify but their sources were outta sight
It wasn't true
No no Russians were seen
That must've been some other body,
No, no child it wasn't me

A Puerto Rican girl in New York
Said she lived in the Bronx hood once
Her name was Alexandria Ocasio Cortez dunce
It wasn't she
Woo, it wasn't she
Yeah, you must've met some stupid body,
No, no child it wasn't she