What's behind the mask

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You've been hoarding masks for months
Boxes all in your place
Now what I want to know is, honey,
When do I see your face?

I know you been hidin' somethin'
Cough that will not pass
Ooh, baby, I just gotta know
What's behind the mask?

Please, baby, please please
Give me one quick glance
Now how come I can't see your face
Behind that blue N95 mask?

Is it a virus condition
Or Covid One-Nine?
Surgical incision?
I keep wonderin' why (Why?)

Ahh, you ain't a nurse or doctor
No Hazmat on your chest
It's been months since COVID-19
Honey I can't guess

Now just relax and let me lift up this edge
And let me take a peek
Oooo let me have a look in there...

Well curiosity killed this cat
Sorry I ever asked
Now you coughed all over me
so just put back on that mask, oh

What's behind the mask, girl
What's behind the mask, ooo
What's behind that mask, girl
Sorry I ever asked!