Free 2008 Election Posters and More!

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Many of these were printed and used in Denver during the Democratic Convention (Aug. 24-29, 2008). Feel free to print them out (click on the smaller image to open/download a larger file). Most images are 24" wide, 200 dpi JPGs, about 1-2 MB each. Some pictures may look rough on the screen when enlarged, but they should look crispier when printed at 200 dpi (2.8 reduction).

The images were selected and/or proposed by the rally organizers in Denver. See this thread for the background. More posters may be added with time, so come back later if you're interested.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage NOTE: this is a PNG image with transparent backgroundImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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(Karakter off if needed)
Haha. . . I like these. Especially the anti-Obama ones.

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Comrade Machiavelli has sent us this version of our Obama poster with this comment:

Comrades! I liked one of your election posters, and I made some improvements. It needed a bit more emphasis. It's attached as a JPEG.

I love how it looks like those anti-Bush posters you see on bulletin boards of our re-education universities. it's our turn.


Another progressive bumper sticker, soon to be seen on the backs of VW Beetles and on bulletin boards of college campuses everywhere.


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Comrade Maksim,

Is the above poster available as well? I would really like one for the front door.
Maybe then, the DemocRats will leave me alone!!!
So far, I've been very, very good at controling my temper, as I realized it got me nowhere. If I get ONE more DemocRat goon at my door.......I'm not going to be responsible for what happens. It's bad enough that 3/4's of this city I in is nothing but section 8 (don't pay taxes), and welfare (don't pay taxes). Pretty soon ALL cities will be just like it. The powers that be here have already renamed the city "The Emerald City" and think they are getting in on all this GREEN nonsense.
Perhaps the Party's dockters would prescribe something to calm my nerves??

yours in The World of Next Tuesday (Nov 4th)

Che' Gourmet

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Comrade Red Square

That's not our MTE in that poster, is it? I've never seen her looking HOT!
But why is she wearing glasses? We know she has perfect vision. Is she getting in on the Sara Palinator glasses phenomenon? No doubt she got them for free. WoW, I just can't believe it's her. Is she headed for a movie career, maybe? After all, her Senate job doesn't take up much of her time.

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Admire the wares of Socialist Serenity(TM)...
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