[floatleft-nb]Lenin: the deity of earth, toil,
and light bulbs, the giver of
beets, vodka, and happiness.
A principal deity of the Soviet
People who worshiped his
mummy while believing he was
still alive. Lenin's birthday
is an important Marxist festival,
also known as Sacrificial Earth
Shoveling, or simply Earth Day.[/floatleft-nb]

Lenin Still Lives! (An Unofficial Biography in Pictures)

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Russian State Prize winner in literature and art Rinat Voligamsi (Ufa, Bashkiria) published his version of Lenin's life, reports Interfax.

"The song inspired me to dream on the theme "Lenin is alive, he is more alive than all the living" 15 years ago," Voligamsi has told Interfax on Thursday.

The artist imagines the leader of the world revolution didn't die in 1924, but abandoned politics and started living as a good Muslim because his relatives were of Bashkir origin. Then "renovated Lenin" begins associating with his fictitious twin-brother Sergey and goes on Hajj to Mecca and even writes a work entitled “Islam as the last hope of revolution”.

"I imagine Lenin as an ordinary villager sitting near his peasant's house and smoking tobacco he grew with his own hands in the garden or married to three women or going to Mecca late in life because I think that every atheist has his way to God and Lenin could have found this path," the artist says.

The author's fantasy goes on: Lenin is hiding away in Latin America during World War II where he consults Castro and Trotsky on various questions and he spends the last days of his life with his family in Zurich, where they have an antiques boutique.

The artist realized his unusual project in 2005 when he made 21 photo collages. He used hundreds of authentic old pictures in his work and turned them to "real fantasy" with Photoshop.

"No one saw any mockery in such a creative presentation and vision of Lenin's life. He was an ordinary man and could have lived the way represented by the artist," the Bashkir Union of Artists told Interfax.


Image Vladimir Ulianov (Lenin) and his less known twin brother Sergey. Ufa, 1874

Image Little Lenin goes to the river to drown a cat with kittens, 1880

Image Vladimir with twin brother Sergey. Ufa, 1885

Image Sergey with his wife Zukhra. Yabalak village, 1888

Image Lenin with his three wives on the way to Ufa, 1899

Image Lenin delivers Party cash, 1906

Image Lenin sharpens an axe, 1905-1906

Image Vladimir Lenin and brother Sergey in the Kremlin, Moscow, 1918

Image Sergey and daugther Natasha crossing the Finnish border, 1925

Image Lenin in Switzerland, managing his and his brother's antique shop. Zurich, 1937

Image V. Lenin and L.Trotsky. Kokokan, Mexico, 1938

Image Lenin with his final manuscript, Islam as the Last Hope of the Revolution. Baghdad, 1946

Image Lenin performs hajj to Mecca, 1949

Image Lenin in Havana, helping Fidel with the revolution, 1959

Image Lenin in his backyard garden. Santiago de Cuba, 1964

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I've heard a rumor that comrade Lenin has been traveling the country organizing free haircuts for the homeless.


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Hmmm... Could this be Lenin's great nephew, son of Natasha?


Didn't Vladimir Lenin write the American Declaration of Independence? Now that I think about it - mayby not.

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.” Vladimir Lenin

“It is true that liberty is precious - so precious that it must be carefully rationed... When one makes a Revolution, one cannot mark time; one must always go forward - or go back. He who now talks about the "freedom of the press" goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards Socialism.” Vladimir Lenin

Pursuit of Happiness (Labored-for Private Property):
“The way to crush the bourgeoisie (middle class) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” Vladimir Lenin

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Comrade Kulak,

Comrade Lenin wrote many informative party documents, but none so treasured as a recently discovered early document he wrote when he first realized the need for a collective as a way to address unequal distribution of other peoples goods. His document was envisioned right after bathing with Sergey's wife Sukhra. After meditating on her gams for several hours he theorized that his brother's possession of Sukhra was bourgeoisie and thus should be subject to the collective, which at that time consisted of him, a bath tub, two bottles of potato vodka and 5 beets.

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Such a lovely fantasy. Imagine dear Lenin still among us, but it's 2010 and we all know such things are impossible. No such miracle of Soviet science could be possible!

Have a happy Earth/Lenin day Comrades,
Your Friendly Spiritual Adviser
Grigori Efimovich Rasputin

Eyes Only:
Thanks for the reminder Red Square. He gets cranky when I don't call him on his Birthday.

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I didn't believe it at first until you told me all those pictures were taken with a Polaroid. Wow!

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Grigori E.R. wrote:Such a lovely fantasy. Imagine dear Lenin still among us, but it's 2010 and we all know such things are impossible. No such miracle of Soviet science could be possible!

Not imagination! Vradimir Irych Uryanov Renin stirr arive and hearthy. It a Triumph of Sociarist Medicine(tm). Arive arso are Mao Tse-tung, Karr Marx, Friedrich Engers, Chao En-rai, Ho Chi-minh, Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili Starin, Nikita Kruschev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Constantine Chernenko, Enver Hoxha, Josep Broz Tito, Por Pot, Frankrin Derano Roosevert, Woodrow Wirson.

My Comrade Daddy, Kim Ir Sung is stirr arive too! How you think I get arr my advice?
But sadry, some comrades are dead. Fider Castro, Hugo Chavez, Vradimir Putin, Danier Ortega, Harry Reid, Nancy Perosi, B. Hussein Obama Jr, Hirarry Crinton, Birr Crinton, Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden, Eric Horder, Barbara "Carr Me Madame Chairman" Boxer and that Aran Grayson asshore from Orrando, Frorida. Yes-yes, arr dead! They just appear to be arive but rearry they just broodsucking braineating zombies stumbring from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis.
Oh yeah, Saur Arinsky is arive too!
Kim Jong Irrin'

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Lenin is alive and well thanks to injections of hormones taken from the glands of orphan boys in Romania. Once we begin harvesting these precious bodily fluids in earnest all Inner Party members will have access to this technology.

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Yes Happy Birthday Comrade Lenin!!
Thank you for all you have done to the world to make it a workers paradise!
As The Father of the Revolution I am sure you are very proud of Comrade Obama, him being the Son of the Revolution and all....

I honor of your birthday I shall go around freely punching capitalists in the face and laughing at them.

Well I mean more so than usual.

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From Wikipedia (ushanka tip to Mi) - A commemorative plaque on a house in Zürich (Spiegelgasse 14).

Here lived from Feb. 21, 1916 to Apr.2, 1917 - LENIN, the Führer of the Russian Revolution

Hier wohnte v. 21. Febr. 1916 bis 2. April 1917 – LENIN – der Führer der russischen – Revolution.

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And similar plaque should be raised on The Obama's (PBUH) government approved mansion, er domicile in Chicago! Except of course instead of FUHRER is should probably say 'Sohn'. Except of course why would it be in Deutsch in Chicago?

English or Russian would be acceptable.

Oh and of course a huge gold statue of The Obama (PBUH) in his front lawn 50 feet high depicting him 'spreading the wealth around' to the poor downtrodden masses.


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Something has to be done about these humiliating screening procedures at the airport. It looks like he dropped some sort of an object... Where did it fall from?


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Comrade Unkulturny has studied with Great Interest the Literary Creations of Comrade Lenin.

As far as can be told, the Actual Caption to the Photograph Of Our Sainted Leader was a short 4-line Poem that was written by He Himself. The poem reads:
"Here I Sit
Tried to..."

Unfortunately, the remainder of the poem is illegible, but it is clear that Comrade Lenin is brokenhearted over the irrational intransigence of the counter-revolutionaries in our midst. The photograph is nevertheless a True Inspiration For All Comradely-Thinking And True-Believing New Soviet Men!

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Thank you, thank you for such a big load of crap inspiration!
Image Now, excuse me Comrades, while I return to my hard joyous labor of beating guiding our dumb-ass prolles new party applicants in shoveling earth for their own education achieving the The Progressive World of Next Tuesday™.

Yo, might I have use of the Boss' Zil next week for a Party Drive-by? You don't have to worry about me letting Ted use it like last time.

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Comrades, You must ask yourselves. What would Lenin be doing if he were alive today?

Scratching on lid of coffin.

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Drawing of Lenin during his "golden years" was recently discovered: