[floatleft-nb]Lenin: the deity of earth, toil,
and light bulbs, the giver of
beets, vodka, and happiness.
A principal deity of the Soviet
People who worshiped his
mummy while believing he was
still alive. Lenin's birthday
is an important Marxist festival,
also known as Sacrificial Earth
Shoveling, or simply Earth Day.[/floatleft-nb]

Glorious Lenin Relaxes with a Yoyo

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Yo-yo's always come with strings attached. Just like free gifts from the government.

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Yo-yos are also like the masses. Leftists are always toying with them.

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Update 2011
It would be impossible to improve on that glorious animated GIF of our beloved Lenin, so, inspired by Commissar L.R. Star, I created this: