"I'm looking forward to Purge Season. Ahhh... the smell of fear, the sweat on the foreheads, the glaring Klieg lights, the flowing tears, the begging pleas for mercy... I don't know about you, but it gives me goose bumps and a warm fuzzy feeling that my cold-blooded reptillian hypothalamus really enjoys, like a snake sunning itself on a warm, flat rock."

Hillary Clinton,
People's Commissar

Dear Leader HRC and Obamabutt Make a Hip New Video, Daddy-O

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Our Glorious Dear Leader can really "Get Down!"

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Whoa, is Hillary on crack? Her voice changes throughout the song. Maybe she's just going through a second, or third puberty.

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Perimenopause, perhaps?

If not that, then her Dr. needs to adjust her hormone therapy!!!

Zampolit B. S. Blokhayev

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It sure was when Bill's brother Roger stopped by back in the 90's when the Psychedelic Shack was The People's Shack!

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The reason for the voice change is a beta version of the Hildo 7.0, with a special attachment for Obamarama.

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Smersh is back in control
I do not know who hacked my site.

Smersh. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Your Excellency, I am breaking from research glorious people's atomic weapons to ask You if You further considered Your brilliant plan, codenamed Sputnik 2008, to attach Your Excellency to this Obama traitor, using him as rocket booster to launch
Yourself into the highest orbits of government? Please, Most Equal One, do not hastily purge this upstart Obama, for his time will surely come. Once his usefulness is spent, having launched You into power, he will be hurled back to earth like any rocket booster. Purge him then, sweet Hillenin, for his open defiance of Your indomitable will.

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Ah! Mine Empress! I have it. Why not enter the WWE school of wrestling and learn how to do the Thunder Thighs Head Lock? You could without doubt strangle Obamarama and get him out of the running with one press of your ginormous thighs. And how better for him to go, than with a caress of the entrance to the feduncity of the mother of all life which you represent for us lowly mortals here on earth?

And look at the yin and yang of it. Destruction--against the generation of life. The elimination of a threat to universal control, against the very <i>fons et origo</i> of universal control.

And we could sell DVDs of it too! Although they'd have to come from San Francisco.