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Urgent! More needed to destroy free and fair elections

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Our army of oppression in the corporate mainstream media have orders to march with our war machine of secret special-interests, lies, propaganda and class war intended to suppress voting rights and tip the balance in the next election.

This assault on the American masses will secure the super-structure of State for the rich one-percent Capitalist Class for generations to come and grind into the ground that new, little, fragile flower of honest, good, class free socialist government struggling desperatly towards the warm tonic sunshine of socialism Obama has heroically fought for!


In a startling, bold move the NAACP has gone to United Nations Human Rights Council to complain that many States have passed oppressive Jim Crow style laws not seen for over a hundred years that require the masses to have ID to vote. Angola, China, Congo, Cuba, Jordan, Russia and Saudi Arabia of the Human Rights Council are up in arms and vow to fight Republican Capitalist-class voter oppression in the United States.


We spent billions buying the State governments so they would impose oppressive voter ID laws and suppress the votes of workers and peasants! Nothing suppresses free and fair elections like requiring ID. Those States are now wobbling and cracking under the threat of receiving harshly worded letters of protest from countries like Cuba and Russia about voter ID at the polls.


Money. Money, money, money. We must have more money to grease the palms of the State governments so they don't cave in to the United Nations Human Rights Council, ruin our plans, and allow free and fair elections in the United States.


And I sincerely apologize for this letter asking for more. But buying America's elections and forcing the capitalist-class hegemony and imperialism on America in 2012 isn't as easy as it used to be. It will require more dedication and money than ever before. Your help is desperately needed.

Can you pitch in right now? We are trying to buy the State governments as cheaply as possible.


$.$. Halliburton
Chair, 3rd Capitalist Cabal Internationale

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Isn't Sandra Fluke donating a percentage of her Occupy income? At least, that's what I heard - and that should go a LOOOOONG way...

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This is more evidence of the importance of VOTERS WITHOUT BORDERS. Please help us push through our progressive agenda for expediting the Absentee Taliban vote for the upcoming 2012 presidential election. We have enlisted John McCain as spokesman. Senator McCain considers not being allowed to vote as torture and he is sympathetic to our cause.

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We cannot allow voting to degenerate into [spit] a photo id situation, like a driver's license. Everyone from anywhere should be allowed to vote. "We hold these truths to be self evident" and so do we!!!!
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Komrade R.O.C.K.,

Komrade Sandra has no Occupy income. Remember, she gives it away for free.