My Take on Media, Obama's New Lap Dog

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Hahaha. . . You've done a great job with the symbols in both pictures BFH.

Burying this bone has been a strong move - no one even knows where this question is, these days. I thought the Alan Keyes effort had at least a reasonable chance of being heard ...

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Now maybe Media could go into Eric Holder's closet and get all those State Sovereignty bones he's been trying to lock away behind his Zsa Zsa costume.

Comrades......the glorius state media has done you a favor. It has brought you 4 more years of typical socialistic bungling and a brainless leadership. Now..suppose you had your freedom back. What would you do? You would be overwhelmed. Let dear leader and his gang...I mean....regime lead you through your drab little life while we vacation every 6 weeks. As dear leader likes to say,.... making up one's own mind is stressful,....let us continue to do it for you.

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Glorious and Kommitted Komrades: I am finding these beautiful graphic oath of loyalty to Supreme Leader of the People's Struggle. The oppressed masses will be radically empowered when they see funny fall guy in action. All those opposed to the re-structuring of our society will be liquidated. Then, false liquidators will be liquidated. Those who fail to report those who refuse to liquidate liquidators will also have a glorious opportunity, shall we say, to be educated by party cadres with boots and a shovel on concrete floor of pork-fat processing warehouse at 1 in the morning. Like Ukrainian journalist guy. But I digress. ... _Obama.swf

Image When you close screen, does Dear Leader continue falling?
Or only when we WATCH him?