Then he Kissed Me

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Well, he walked up to me
And he asked to put my hand down his pants
He looked kinda creepy
And so I said, “Not even a chance"

Then he grabbed, he held me tight
And then he molested me that night
With his arms he squeezed me tight
And then he kissed me

Each time I saw him
He gave me a cigar again
I wanted to let him know
I don't enjoy smoke'n

I didn't know just what to do
When Paula Jones decided to sue
And he said that I should lie too
And that then he dissed me

He dissed me in a way
That I've never been dissed before
He dissed me in a way
that he accused my of being a whore

I knew the truth was on my side
So I gave them the blue dress that I had
And one day the truth will come
He's old enough to be my dad

Then he told me about his bride
That she was always on his side side
That she would cover for his lies
for the Presidency

Then the GOP learned in time
That he asked others to lie
I felt so frightened, I almost cried
And they impeached he
And they impeached he
And they impeached he