Charlie Martel

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While your armies killed Muslims by morning light
Those last Parisian fights you were the best in town
It was fate you won the battle where Abdul Rahman was killed
You saved the known world that's when you turned Islam around

Saved the world from Jihad, Did you realize
That you were a hammer to their lies?

The theater was filled with patrons that were killed like it was routine
Everyone can see the Islamics you've let in your home
All the infidels were lined against the wall
You must have been insane, You let in Islam without care and now you're alone

Wish you lived forever could you see the day?
Would you see victories fall apart and fade away?

Where have you gone, come home Charlie Martel?
Are you gone Charlie Martel?

Now your cartoonist have all been left for dead
Killed like infidels by Islam deranged
All those jihadis cover up their face
Left the human race in seventh century days

Son you were mistaken you're not obsolete
Look at all the dead men in the street

Where are you, Where are you Charlie Martel
Where are you Charlie Martel?

Clean this mess up else we'll all be in this hell
Load those Islam immigrants get them all out of here
Get their ass in the car and send them somewhere far
I think the ragheads need to know who we are

Careful what you let in 'cause Islam tells lies
We're all still infidels in their eyes

Come back home come on home Charlie Martel
Come back home Charlie Martel