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News shows, seem to come and go, yeah
And racists lies come from mouth of host
'cusing many, proving none
Paid lots of dough, wears tampons
Now, the show keeps going on
Without Melissa
Hmmm, hmm

Corn rows, each one looks the same, all the same
And eve'ry one knows leftist games
Now no one hears her leftist sighs
There is no cover for her lies
Her show no longer plays her bias
Without Melissa
Hmmmm, hmm

Again, her tampons on
And now, she's on the run
And cornrows runnin' through her hair
Avoid the truth not care
She picked up her gear and then she run off
Run off

Tampons, will you ever take them off?
Lord, Lord
Where will you run to play news host?
And will you lie, ev'ry word say?
Or will your mem'ry fade away?
But, I know I'll watch today
Without Melissa
Yes, I know I'll watch today, yeah
Without Melissa
Lord, Lord, still it's just lame