Michael Jackson supporters do final act

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Daesh Country - A few fans trying to pay tribute to Michael Jackson walked in Brussels Airport to perform a final act with a thriller. There were announcement of such event, but the two accidently set off the timed fireworks while wearing them. Before their clock zeroed out when they were about to sing “Smooth Criminal”, but they could not beat it. The poor unfortunate comrades were going to places. Their first performance blew up in their faces.

Previously they planned to do the show at a Nuclear Power plant, but their manager suggested the plant was not ready for them. They all together canceled the event after the tragedy that befallen them at the Brussels airport.

“The nuclear plant was too reactive towards our band members. Who goes the length to profile us as sheep husbands? We marry goats and we consider ourselves as Daesh. I do not know what ISIS is. We will get a new crew to set up for the next event. We are thinking Germany next. If the US will allow our band group to cross the ocean, we will get to see our American fans. Praise Allah!” commented manager Almaeiz Habib.