The Donald Trump

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Donald White Knight 37.jpg

You've heard of The Donald Trump
Got word of The Donald Trump
Wants that Presidential gig
Fasten seatbelts! A Big Shindig!

He rumbles around the towns
Preambles in button down
Big draw everywhere he meets
And tweets and tweets 'til his tweets complete

Won't eat crow — no no no no no no no
A Pitchman — O-o
He's a real — yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
‘Merican — O-o

The answer is Donald Trump
New leader is Donald Trump
Our sliding he will prevent
Get our feet on a firm ascent

A-chie-ver worth a lot of pennies
Clearly — it's about his time
Daybreaks — he's got jobs a-plenty
‘Cause he's workin' all the time

He will fight off all the zombies—

D.C.'s takin' all our pay
Meanwhile — build up our own Army
Donald, help us, oh we pray!

No drip is The Donald Trump
No wimp is The Donald Trump
Start engines! We can't be beat!

You know there's no Elites 'cause they're obsolete!

No one like The Donald Trump
You betcha, The Donald Trump
Good people, he's tellin' you
That The Donald Trump is the one for you