La dilettanti ha cigno pratiche


Red Square

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Translation (courtsy of just running through Babel Fish real quick):

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For some strange reason, that just makes it even more confusing.

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It could be one of the following:

1. An encoded message from Baghdad Bob. He's hiding out in an Italian monastery, the Sacred Order of the Brothers of Super Mario, where he whiles away the hours playing chess and Barbies with one Friar Jacopo.

2. He had a dream that revealed to him the perfect, brilliant solution to getting the hell out of that place, making his comeback and subsequent power grab. He woke up in the middle of the night to quickly post that solution here while he could still remember it all.

3. It's backmasking from Mulva's latest album--or maybe those really are the lyrics on the liner notes. Alert Tipper Gore.

4. Babel Fish--I think I first saw that advertised in a comic book on the same page as the X-ray glasses, the machine that turns blank pieces of paper into genuine dollar bills, and the amazing Sea Monkeys partying away in a high-class Western capitalist lifestyle.

Premier Betty wrote:For some strange reason, that just makes it even more confusing.

Don't sweat it. You only need to understand the part about the Dragons for right now. 'Cause if you don't get that, you're probably not gonna live long enough to concern yourself with the other.