Theme Song "The Permian Baybillies" ... e=emb_logo

Come listen to my story about a boy named Brett
A Bay engineer, couldn't pay his student debt
And then one day he was trying to dodge some poo
When into his brain, "Gotta try something new."
Oil! Fracking that is .. Black Gold, Texas tea

Well the first thing you know ol Brett is thinking clear
High school buds, "Brett, get on back t' here."
They said "California done lost its sanity."
So he loaded up the Dodge and moved back to Midland Lee*
Texas, that is … Drilling boom, Tonky bars


So now it's time to say goodbye to the Bay and all its sin
We all would like to thank you proggs for making that looney bin
You're all advised to get right up and pack your bags and flee
To avoid the next mutation of its mass insanity

Proggtarded, that is
Squat a spell; Pinch a stool out
Y'all shoot up now, Hear!

*(High school in Midland, Texas famed for kicking the crap out of Odessa's Permian Panthers in the movie "Friday Night Lights." -- and which also rhymes well with "Beverly)