Petty Woman

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Petty woman, shutting down Main Street
Petty woman, you're kind we'd like see beat
Petty woman, we don't believe you, you're not the truth
No one could think as dumb as you, Nancy

Petty woman, will KAG pardon you?
Petty woman, KAG couldn't help but see
Petty woman, your Dems screwy as can be
Pelosi brain dead just like tree

Petty woman, step aside
Petty woman, balks awhile
Petty woman, save WOKE smile to me

Petty woman, yeah, yeah, yeah
Petty woman, took low way
Petty woman, say you'll stay from me
KAG don't need you, Trump treats us right
Come to me, Donald, he's mine tonight

Petty woman, just walk on by
Petty woman, wants t'make KAG cry
Petty woman, just walk away hey...

Yes, that's the way this must be, OK?

(Roy's band hits the groove towards mass exodus of Democrats from seats of elected office)

We wish you'd go on home, and stay
May be tomorrow night, don't wait
KAG's what we see

Pelosi's WOKE'in' bad liberty
Yeah, she's WOKE'in' bad liberty
Oh, petty woman