The Gulag known as Internet is (so often) genius!

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Today's beet quota not just fulfilled, but exceeded,
you are entitled to enjoy this lil' amusement:

  • go1 to ThePeoplesCubeTweets
  • find1 ThePeoplesCubeReTweet of tovarishch Amy Taylor (indeed, it's here)
  • now you may1 wish to play comrade Amy's 30 sec shtik ....
  • but what YOU MUST DO, is: RERUN comrade Amy's steps, which are:
  • in your browser, go to .(you land here, enjoy the sight)
  • but NOW, komrade, go to .(see where you landed, &ROFLYAO!)
1 optionally

The above done, now you may indulge in gulping down your evening kasha - za zdarovye!

( comrade Amy ROFLHAO, and, as for yours truly, I ROFLMAO, too! )