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Now that Black Friday has ground over you in the iron-tracked quest to the past, are you feeling that dissociative from virtual reality sensation?

You might have a nagging thought that what just happened wasn't quite the same as in previous ages. Are you experiencing tryptophaned rememory synapses that your previously issued memories are now fowl?

Let me tell you, ‘pelipsky is dang glad to have experienced a real Thanksgiving, as well as a virtual, and the real one was so real, it made ‘pelipsky cry real tears from being disassociated from what's really going on. Which is of course, that whole opiate-of-the-masses teaching that Covid is a comrade's one-way ticket to the freshly turned soil, ready for comrade to plant beet seeds forever and ever...and all your borscht is free in BidenHarrisLand.

The mythical horned rodent is here to cure your existential situation.

What ‘pelipsky is talkin' about, Comrades, is REassociation.

‘RE' is a MotherLand prefix which means ‘do (something) again'.
E.g. All comrades know they are RElaundrying their issued uniforms. REmaking issued bed. REcleaning shovels. Etc.

REassociation could also apply to something a DISsociative comrade never socialated with before. The UNsocialated comrade is suffering from DISsociation.

‘DIS' is another MotherLand prefix which means Nyet to whatever comes next. E.g., virtually real Pierre Delecto has DISassocialated with Trump because Mittens was only virtually real in the first place. All comrades know this!

Comrades, the cure for the collective's DISsociative “No — Problem-O!” is REsocialization. REsocializing yourselves requires, nay even demands, tilting at windmills of DIS. REturn those sails towards the MotherLand's home where seldom is heard a DIScouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.

Life is all just a reality state of mind, Comrades.


So learn from a mythical horned rodent, trained by experts at the collective's Psikhushka. Say Nyet! to DISsociation, comrades! REsocialate yourselves, pass it on to others, like a Corona'd Virus can, and would.

DISsociate from virtual reality. Live, RElive, in the Real World where Trump is still your President. Again!