Come-on man, Jan 6th was almost King of the Hill. Fact!

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A lot of people out there aren't getting it about January 6th. People aren't even watching the show we're putting on. Apparently you people just don't get how our system works. This is real simple. The January 6th Committee isn't a joke.

Let me explain what they're saying to you in real simple words so you understand how Donald Trump almost took over and destroyed our democracy and became dictator. I'll say this real slow.

If. You. Occupy. The. Capitol. Building. You. Win. King. Of. The. Hill.

Did I say that slowly enough for you, America?

Do you get it now?

The January 6th Committee has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the insurrectionists almost won King of the Hill.

That's how our system works. It's right there in the Constitution thing. Anyone that occupies the Capitol building with the most people wins and everybody's got to do what they say. Just forget all that nonsense about a coup needing institutional support. That's ridiculous. No one believes that.

If you win King of the Hill you win. All you've got to do is have the building.

And you know what they would have done if they won King of the Hill? They would have ordered the military to surround the place and kill everybody that said they weren't King of the Hill, that's what. That's how it works. And the military would have had to take orders from them because they were King of the Hill of the Capitol building.

And Mike Pence was there and they almost got within forty-feet of him. They would have captured Mike Pence and tied him up and made him tell everyone they were King of the Hill now. Can you imagine? That's a fact. And then everyone in the country would do what they said because they had Mike Pence tied up to a chair and they were King of the Hill!

And then they would have said Mike Pence says Donald Trump is still president and everyone has to do what he says and everybody has to obey because we're King of the Hill now and nobody can do anything about it because we’re here in the Capitol building and you're not so ha, ha, ha!

That was the plan. That's all the January 6th Committee is saying.

You can see now how close we came on January 6th. No lie. It really happened that way and we came this close to Donald Trump almost winning King of the Hill. Fortunately we beat him to it.