Page, Mr. You

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For Margaret,
forlock tug,


[Comrades. put on your best mulling caps and begin mulling process, proper.]

Joe's been looking so long at this page, Mr. You
That Joe almost believes that "You's" real
News believing so long with Joe's page, Mr. You
That we must all believe that this paging "You" is all Joe can do

[Comrade air guitar mulling period.]

Remember Joe's "You" standing out in the rain?
As Joe stepped to "You's "spot, it's writ clear
And news missed mental lie sellin', holding truth close
How news always held close what we feared

Remember Joe's "You" grifting caused Ukraine's plight?
"You" were meaner Deep Stater and Hunter blows snow
We scream that vote's make-believe, screamed F.B.I. lied
If news finally found all their courage they'd let us all know

[Comrade mulling time while tending beets. Put a check on that nut grass.]

Remember Joe's "You", seizing our arms?
Lying 'bout the death of Corn Pop
We're appallin' sight, we're mendicant
Bust! Coz Joe's blowed
Joe was always so lost in the plot

Remember Joe's "You" who blew his cue?
Staff's clown, "You" notes angles
So much more than ice cream
Told by staff, "Last time!", then slip away quietly
Open news eyes, but news never sees anything

If only staff wrote out the right words
Joe could have stepped out to right spot
If only staff wrote out the right words
Joe wouldn't be staring agqpe, Joe'd cry, "Page, Mister You"

[Dang. that nut grass is invasive ain't it fellow mulling comrades.]

Looking so long at Joe's page, Mr. You
But news never told Joe's lost the plot
Looking so long for staff's words lacks a clue
But always just speaking a part
Cry, "Page, Mister You"

[Hot mulled about the farce, comrades?]

There was nothing in sane world said I ever want this bore
It's surreal "You's" deep in lost plot
There was nothing in sane world that I ever want this bore
Can news ever tell Joe's cracking apart
Cry, "Page, Mister You"