Eye Of The Tater

(Managed to weave together several lines of Hooliganismye suggested by our comrade goofballs at Aceofspadeshq for the first stanza. Now that Comrade Stelter is off the air one could call this his swan song .. or perhaps spud song .. or slug song, even)

Gobbled up .. so many treats
Ate them all, took my chances
Went the distance now I cant see my feet
Half a man with the hunger of five
So many times you declined to fast
You fractured toilets due to glut'ny
Dont lose your grip on your midnite repast
You must fight just to keep it inside

Its the .. eye of the Tater
Its the one millionth bite
Bulking up to the tonnage of a freighter
And the fat, sweaty beta
Snacks again in the night
And he watches us all with the EYE
Of the Tater

Pace the shake, passing out on the street
Purge it out, staying hungry
They stack the crepes
Till he's way past obese
Gorging swill as if its krill to survive

Its the .. maw of the Tater
Its the thrill of the bite
Rising up to the tonnage of L'EIFFEL
And his top left incisor
Breaks it's crown in the night
And we're cringing because of the CRY
Of the Tater

Swelling out, topping three bills
Has the girth, scarfs the pastry
Went for seconds now he's not gonna stop
Just a man with pastrami on rye

Its the eye of the Tater
Its the cause of his plight
Swelling up to a figure worth deriding
And the fat, sweaty beta
Stalks parfaits in the night
And hes wolfing because he's the BRI
Of the Tater