Join'd Together: MAGALand®

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TPC loves the Mother Land while still loving MAGALand, too. Yes, Karaoke hooligans, "The People's Cube Had Two Mothers." Amazing,

The TPC Karaoke rhythm band, with vocalist, will be performing live on the back porch of TB #2, after shovels are cleaned, returned, and counted.
forelock tug of cheer,
Comrade Jackalopelipsky

Richmond fears this sound a-comin'
Hear the Trumper Trumping
MAGA join'd together, MAGALand®

We don't stoop to any Socialist DIEirectives®
MAGA won't take State Collectives®
GWONT's here, join together, MAGALand®

Do really think Dems care
What you eat or what you wear??
GWONT's here so join together, MAGALand®

Tossin' Billions ways to GrowGraft® (Bidenomic Energy, Commerce, Foreign Policy)
All of Hunter's blows past
Come on, join'd together, MAGALand®

Everybody join'd together
Why don't we join together

Come on and join together, MAGALand®
Just need to join together

Come on join'd together
Come on we're join'd together, MAGALand®

MAGA's past War Decay®
Men to follow, Trump leads each day!
Oh won't you join together, MAGALand®

We both know bullsh*t is going
BIDEN Sleazin's®: Right To Knowing ((Season 1))
Why don't we join together MAGALand®

Fani DiEmer® wants Trump's schlong
Leak Fakes The NewsNics® groove upon
Don't wan't you join'd together, MAGALand®

This is the Great-Test Land you'll find
MAGA's as deep as it is wide

Come on Re:Join! Re:Gather! MAGALand®
Join'd together

((Ev'somebody come on) join'd together
Join'd together MAGALand®

Join'd together
(Comrade boldly MAG:On) join'd together

Join'd together, MAGALand®