Please welcome to our pages
$.$. Halliburton, a dark-spirited
reactionary neo-conservative with
a shady pharmaceutical past, tar-
nished by a personal friendship with
Rush Limbaugh himself. Though
his Neanderthal opinions may be a
direct opposite from our enlightened
views, Mr. Halliburton is a proud
addition to our editorial staff, a
symbol of The People Cube's com-
mitment to intellectual diversity.[/floatleft-nb]

An Important Announcement

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Dear Halliburton,

I was anticipating opening a lemonade stand during the month of August but have since reconsidered in that mine would be the only lemonade stand on my block and therefore I would run the risk of being unequal with my neighbors.

Please disregard my anticipated request.

I find this new office ever so progressive and comforting.

Yours in equality,

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Looks like Obama has let his guard down, now the Boss is in the big house!

Dear Boss $.$. Halliburton,

I hear by request to start a new business that will venture into a new field which has been created by recient, high, demands: Winny Swacking. Essentually we set up a website where we have members be allowed to look up the home locations of any one who has winned reciently about something that is 'unfair' Then they would be allowed to go to said home and do any of the following that is listed in a menu of choices. Of course each choice will have a different fee, and all members are paying monthly fees.

As basic Economics shows us, high demand equals high prices, and high prices can lead to high revenue. There is also a matter of supply, but I'm sure, with your approval of course, we can covince Mr. Obama to help us out with that.