Dr. Leonid Fuku is an official delegate of the USSA
Bureau of Healthcare Reform, and future commander
of the United Health Care System of the Americas.

"Clearly, the future is with United Global Front for
Healthcare, administered through a centralized
offshore office. It will solve all medical issues
for all the world's citizens. I, Health Kommissar
Leonid Fuku, am willing to address all things medical.
Ask your questions, but clearly state your Party
standing and location, or answers will not be

~ Doctor Fuku[/floatleft-nb]

Triage: Level of Care Advisory System (Congressional Draft)

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To: Inner Circle
Subject: Special Memo
Security Level: Eyes Only


The first draft of the color coding system for Health Care is ready.


Plan Details:

Care Access - All
Care Interval- Immediate
Co-Pay - 0%

Care Access - All available
Care Interval- As available
Co-Pay - 20%

Care Access - All with review
Care Interval- 30 day review
Co-Pay - 40%

Care Access - Partial with review
Care Interval- 90 day review
Co-Pay - 80%


Care Access - Partial with Health Board and E.O.L. Council approval.
Care Interval- 6 month review and mandatory E.O.L. counseling
Co-Pay - 97%

Special Note

1. Smokers will be penalized 1 level.
2. Overweight patients will be penalized 1 level.
3. Republicans will be penalized 2 levels.
Example- An overweight, Republican smoker of age 18 will be eligible for SPECIAL plan only.
4. All "JiffyLobo" procedures will be covered 100% with immediate care regardless of level.

Please be advised that this information is for top level use only. The vote in the Senate on Saturday night is critical to our plans. It's bad enough that someone leaked the 50+ mammogram information. Our "smoke & mirrors" approach has been very successful so far and has the focus of debate limited to abortion coverage etc.. This has served us well and hidden the true intent of HealthCare reform. That being the elimination of our unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare. The drain of our Seniors is horrendous, but that pales in comparison to the millions of "Baby Boomers" who have paid their way with over 6 Trillion dollars and will soon be expecting their benefits.

I recently read that the average life expectancy in America is 78 years! With any luck and HealthCare reform we can get that number back to the 1909 expectancy of 56 years.

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Grigori - I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty selflessly volunteered to expand your insightful visual.

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It looks great! Many thanks Red Square. I added special note #4. It was bugging me all night that I left something out. What would Health Care be without "JiffyLobo"?

The Jifi-Lobo clause will take care of the KKKapitalist's who truly care about their employess!!

Tax an Employer who Cares deeply about their employees and who would be willing to pay, as a charge for the overhead of the business; for a "Cadillac" health care policy for their "Valued" employees. Yea, right!!! TAX them!!!

TAX Everyone, from the Employer, to the Employee, to the Provider!!! Yeah!!!Get sick and Deathly Ill?? TAX them!!! Yeah!!!

All Hail, Edward M. Kennedy!!!

This is only a Mandated "Luxury Tax" for the Living!!!

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Already plans are in motion to redistribute those excess 22 years of life the average AmeriKKKan is hoarding.

For instance if 300 million Americans are taxed 22 years of life, then we can apply those years towards reparing damage to The Enviroment(TM) or to completing various 5 year plans. Or extending the term of Chairman Obama.

It is important we realize that time is an asset that must be taxed and managed by The State for The Greater Good(TM). Like any resource, AmeriKKKans consume too much Time, and they must be taxed so that they are brought to a more equitable level of consumption.

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Glorious good news Comrades...............
After a day long battle with those pesky (but ineffectual) Republicans, the Commissariate (formerly known as the Senate) has voted to proceed with the Health Care Reform Bill. The 2,075 page bill that the House of Organizers labored over and finally passed late last Saturday night will now reach full-scale debate beginning after Thanksgiving. Just think Comrades, this Bill could very well be passed by Xmas. Merry Xmas Amerika!

Commissariate Majority Leader Harry Reid
embraces Commissar Chris Dodd after historic vote.