Purge Season 2006

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Who shall be the next nobody?? The field is thick with candidates!

Who's the first up, Hil? The elections will soon be upon us!


So many from which to choose! Comrades, let the Purge begin!

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I nominate whoever doesn't win votes for the party!

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Lincoln Chafee? Olympia (Don't Eat That Yellow) Snowe? Arlen Specter??

OOPS! my bad those are useful idiot Republicans...can't purge them!

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Purge Pelosi! Shes more botox than butch! Purge those ABC reactionaries too while were at it!

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Your Execellency, I must point out that this dumbass is ripe for the purging! We can blame anything on him, and it will be taken as truth with no questions asked.

Just look at this pathetic slob...he'd be the perfect patsy.

Just a thought...

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Purge Landrieu? Hmmm.... :)

Actually, in fairness to dear comrade Mary, she's a pretty useful, Useful Idiot. When she's home, she runs as a moderate, right leaning, pro-America Democrat. Yet, in Washington, we can count on her as a place holder. Maybe once our majority in the Senate is secure, we can replace her with someone more malleable.

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Obama, that all I have to say. His face has been on all the magazines, usurping gratification from Her Excellency. The Party must act quickly.