Slick Cons (Hill and Bill)

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bill and hill dance 37.jpg

Could their scam ever unwind?
Their dance held them so close you thought they'd lost their minds
Your eyes gaze at two slimes
Sayin' I don't believe them, I never do, and I know why

‘Cause they taught us that lying's the way that they live
Showed us they loved money more than their jive
Hillary's cold and Bill's got philandering ways, even now
Slick Cons

Could their scam ever unwind?
You're on to their dance, know fat chance, your vote they'll find
Your head warned you this time
Bill wants in that White House and so does Hill, just for limelight

And they taught us the lesson for so many years
Wanted that power po-li-ti-cal-ly
They never tell no one how they use each other, but we know
Slick Cons
Slick Cons
Slick Cons