I Wear A Tan Suit

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U.S. on fire.
My one desire.
You will, get a hoot.
I Wear A Tan Suit.

I try,
Tear the world,
ISIS tries,
To start,
To recruit,
When I Wear A Tan Suit.

Tell me how, to make my maleness alpha.
When I know, I look just like Alfalfa.
It looks like, my wardrobe doesn't match black boots;
I Wear A Tan Suit.

Did you, get fired?
They won't, rehire.
Now you are, destitute.
'Cause I Wear A Tan Suit.

Said that I'd, only wear blue or black.
I can't buy, clothes that are straight off the rack.
Looks like my, new tailor only works with jute;
I Wear A Tan Suit.

Now I can see that you will follow me,
Even though that I have no spine. Yeah.
Whenever the orders, come from Valerie,
I really believe they're mine...

My pants, on fire.
I am, a liar.
LoFo's, you are,
LoFo's, you are,

The reason that I'm here...

This country's in a bad mess.
My doing, and I confess.
I wonder about my tribute,
I Wear A Tan Suit.

Hillary, gives me a roaring headache.
Vote for her - ain't nothing but a mistake.
Benghazi, well you know how that point is moot.
She wears a pantsuit.

Treasury - ain't no more money to loot,
The value is so dilute.
Now I cause, more trouble somewhere near Beirut.
I Wear A Tan Suit.
'Cause I Wear A Tan Suit.