Gaijin Entertainment is on a quest to seek True Progress


There has been a lot of controversy (not here, of course) about this one Russian Vehicular Combat Simulator™. As a result, I just HAD to take a long hiatus to explore the possibilities for new COMRADESHIPS™ Abroad! Now, I will show you videos of A Good Friend Of Mine™, to give you the gist of current situation.

As you can see, Gaijin is in fact taking the liberties of the People to ensure Complete Security™, and we should always support our Comrades In The East™!

While I understand what you may be thinking, "Komrade! This is POLITICAL SATIRETRUTH! Not silly VIDEO GAMINGS!" But komrades! What happens in Video Game Industry of Capitalism and Exploitation™ effects us as well! While I do not expect you to pay attention to Poor Sniffling Equalitarians™, I plead that you pay attention to view these things and LEARN!

#1: Red Text Only, No Capitalist Black And White

#2: Lock All Topics That Disagree With You
#3: Make Sure To Make Everything Russian Absurdly Great And Progressive

I'll be honest, we've been seeing this kind of behavior coming from all sorts of industries. Microsoft, Apple, and.. well, every single type of AAA company you can think of, has done nothing to put forth the impression that they give a crap about the consumer.