Hillary-Speak is Sooo Progressively Womyn-Speak

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Hillary Clinton's womynly voice is sooo progressive and sooo effective that it almost defies comparison. But the new science of voice-analysis studying the voice patterns of progressive feminists yields new insights:

Hillary-Speak is sooo powerful that even Bernie Sanders can hear it without turning-on his hearing aid: Hillary-Speak-01aAa.

Hillary-Speak is sooo in tune with nature that wildlife-sanctuary veterinarians broadcast excerpts when rescuing injured animals in order to trick hyenas within earshot into thinking other hyenas have already surrounded the injured animal: Hillary-Speak-02aAa Hillary-Speak-02bAa.

Hillary-Speak is sooo persuasive that that it elicits cooperation by Gitmo detainees when coupled with offers by interrogators to cease piping it into their cells twice a day. Hillary-Speak-03aAa.

Hillary-Speak is sooo linguistically efficient that the term provides two words to replace the much-longer description of what is known as the "sound of fingernails scraping a blackboard." Hillary-Speak-04aAa.

Hillary-Speak excerpts recorded on chips in key-chains with high-powered mini-speakers can replace rape whistles for use by women to deter sexual asaults: Hillary-Speak-05aAa or by hot babes desiring to politely reject advances by Bill Clinton HIllary-Speak-05bAa.

Hillary-Speak entreaties sound sooo needy that Putin would ignore them as sounding like his ex-wife. Hillary-Speak-06aAa.