Left's Gone Crazy

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Dearly beloved, Dems have gathered here today
To get through this thing called ‘Trump'
Electric word “Trump” it means forever and that's a mighty long time
But Dems here to tell you there's something else (Go crazy)

Since we don't like, this world we're living in
Take a look around you at least you got friends
Call on Hillary for a friendly word
She smashed up her phone, dropped hammer on its core
uhhh…,uhh is all we heard

Are we gonna let this Hurricane
Bring us down, oh, no let's go
Let's go crazy, let's get nuts
Look for those Russian Pee-Pee Girls
'Til they put us in the truck, let's go

All excited but we don't know why
Maybe it's 'cause we're all gonna die
And when we do, what's it all for
Better die now before MAGA America
Comes knocking on our door

Are we gonna let this Hurricane
Bring us down, oh, no let's go
Left's gone crazy, Left's gone nuts
Looking for some Russian Connections
'Til Trump puts us in padded truck, let's go

Come on Democrats let's get nuts
Yeah, crazy
Let's go crazy
Are we gonna let this Hurricane bring us down
Oh, no! Let's go, go crazy
They said, ‘Let's go, go crazy'
Let's go, let's go, go, let's go
Dr. Alinsky says it'll Be Alright
Make everything go wrong
Shills with skills those FOIA's will kill
Hang tough children
Trump's comin'
Trump's comin'
Take us away