Just like Prison

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Show Joe, show Joe, show Joe how to do ZOOM trick
“The app that makes Jill scream,” Joe said
“The one that makes Trump laugh,” Jill said
Drew her hands around Joe's neck
Show Joe how to do it and Dems'll promise Jill
Just promise that they'll stay away from us, just stay away from Joe

Spinning on life's dizzy ledge
Sniffed some face and sniffed some head
Dreamed of all the different ways, Joe had to make her ‘groped'
“Why is Joe so far away,” Jill said
Why won't everybody know that Joe's not in touch with Joe?
That Joe's mental crashed too?

Joe, lost in scandal
Joe, lost and lonely
Joe, speaks to angels
Dancing in mind's deepest oceans

Twisting in hot water
Joe just lives a dream
Joe just lives a dream

Sun light kicks Joe in this shape
Press must have been asleep decades
Their moving lips still breathe Joe's name
Can't open up woke eyes
Joe's bound himself alone, alone, alone above Truth's raging sea
Joe, stole the only lines press loved allowed Joe sink in liberties

Joe, lost in scandal
Joe, lost and lonely
Joe, just like prison