Well, We've Never Seen Such Pain

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The Glorious World of Next Tuesday G.W.O.N.T. arrives sooner than anticipated.

Well, we've never seen such pain
But we wanna ‘like' Refusenik
Hey! These Bidenales' are insane here
And G.W.O.N.T.'s sure know how to abuse sh*t

Be a Refusenik
G.W.O.N.T.'s misuse it
We're never gonna lose it

Well, they've never spoken English
But they always ‘like' Joe Biden
Well, they're headed for Las Vegas
Newly encamped out in Needles

Can't you feel it?
You must believe it
'cause, G.W.O.N.T. feels no good

Well, they've never been to heaven
They was sent to Oklahoma
Oh, G.W.O.N.T.'s sell, “‘Like' he was born here.”
But he really don't remember

In Oklahoma, and Arizona
What borders matter?

[Comrades are encouraged to dance with partner comrade refusenik of choice across the dance hall floor.]

Oh, we've never seen such pain
But I wanna ‘like' Refusenik
Hey! Bidenales' are insane now
And G.W.O.N.T.'s sure know how to abuse sh*t

Be G.W.O.N.T. Refusenik
We can Refusenik, oh, oh
Never gonna lose it

[The Waylon Gulag freight train “Refusenik” just keeps on rolling once it gets a full beet boiler head of steam under its belt.
The whole train car passengers get involved...enjoy.]