Let Trump, be Trump

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This is a re-post from Don Surber

For 7 years, Never Trumpers have complained about his style. I haven't. I like it. He is combative. Pugilists throw punches. Wusses say, "Please clap."

I can see why his style is off-putting. Conservatives are not used to elbows being out. They want Reagan the Grandfather.

And the reality is a Reaganesque Trump would not work in today's political world. The shared experience of World War II is long gone. Elitists shun patriotism and their wannabes agree. Today's liberals respect no one, not even themselves. They run every institution in the United States, and they ruin every one.

Trump had to take them all on at once. That required a combativeness never witnessed on the American political stage.

In the following video, Tom Klingenstein, Chairman of the Claremont Institute, explained Trump's Virtues, and what the Never-Trumpers don't get, and probably never will.

Note: The Claremont Institute has on its board three contributors from who were and mostly still are Never-Trumpers. And nearly four years after its demise, PowerLineBlog still has the Weekly Standard in their link section.

This is a powerful video and hopefully, the GOPe will take what Mr. Klingenstein says to heart.