The Russian Revolution podcast

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Revolutions is a podcast I've enjoyed for almost ten years. The author has wrapped it up with the last episode and is moving on to bigger and better things. But I thought perhaps others who've never heard of this podcast might enjoy it.

Over the course of its run the author covered in much enjoyable detail revolutions throughout history. It came out just about every week on Sundays.

The last revolution covered was the Russian revolution. When he began this lecture podcast he had no idea that he'd fill about three years worth of weekly podcasts to cover the Russian revolution from its very beginnings from Marx and Engels to the very end when Stalin became supreme dictator of Russia.

The series is very well done and enjoyable. All of the lectures are. If you've never heard of this podcast give yourself a treat and click the link above. 

You'll notice that the link is to "thehistoryofrome". That's from the author's very first podcast where he covered the history of Rome. That's quite enjoyable as well.