Our Democracy in America

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A lot of people ask me what is meant by "Our Democracy." Many people are confused about Our Democracy in America so I'd like to explain and make perfectly clear the meaning of OUR democracy in America.

I suppose most of the confusion over what is meant comes from the historical use of the word democracy. The first democracies were in ancient times and reflected ancient social norms. Individual Rights weren't. There was no protection of individual rights over group rights. So democracy in ancient times was simple majority rule.

America, the political product of the Enlightenment and as Alexis de Tocqueville noted, meant by democracy a society with no social rank. This was known as The Democratic Ideal. No one was the political inferior of another - everyone was politically equal because no one was above the law. There were no special laws based on social rank or class. In America there was this Democratic Ideal, this freedom from aristocratic rule that had plagued history and there was the voting for representatives and other officers of the civil government; democratic elections for office holders.

None of these ideas about democracy are applicable today in our modern world. When We refer to Our Democracy it is a post-modern democracy to which we refer. Probably the best way to sum this up is this paraphrase:

"Everything in Our Democracy, nothing outside Our Democracy, nothing against Our Democracy."

That's the meaning of Our Democracy.

My administration and the Congress have been working tirelessly to achieve Our Democracy in America and bring this Empire to full fruition. You may have noticed recent events. This is what We mean by Our Democracy in America.

As a very happy proof that We are on track I beg you to consider that Joe Biden, as he is quite intellectually negligible, could never write this piece. The old democratic election model does not hold sway in Our Democracy.

Only your real president could write this short explanation. And you don’t even know who I am.

That’s Our democracy.