Ballot Item to Donate Border Land to Biden Family

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Rehoboth Beach, DE -- As President Biden begins construction of a taxpayer-funded wall around his Delaware property, voters in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona have introduced resolutions to give a 10-foot-wide section of their borders with Mexico to the Biden family in hopes they will do the same there.

An organization calling itself Citizens Against Sneaking Into Countries Illegally (CASICI) spear-headed the ballot initiatives.  The organization - which has already been accused of racism and trans-phobia as a matter of course - was founded by rancher John "Tex" Texley in response to what he calls "an invasion of our land."  It has no website, but Mr Texley's mission statement is on a hand-painted sign tacked to the fence at the entrance to his property.  It says "Do everything in our power to secure our southern border and enforce our laws."

The movement has grown in popularity despite multiple ongoing investigations by the IRS and FBI.

Mr. Texley agreed to a brief interview explaining the group's outlook.  "I have people coming through my land, staying on my land and sometimes stealing things, breaking things.  This is private property, owned and worked by my family since my great-grandaddy.  I feel for these folks coming in, I really do.  I'm sorry they messed up their countries so bad by voting in a bunch socialist clowns to run things, thinking government can solve everyone's problems.  If you know anything about history, you know it's the same old story: now they're overrun with corruption and crime.  Most of these folks just want to go somewhere safe and work, live their lives quietly.  But some of them are criminals.  How do you tell which is which?  Seems like we already have a legal immigration system to do just that.  I call that horse-sense.  And a lot of people agree with me."

Mr. Texley went on to assert that enforcing the laws would actually make things safer for people trying to come to America instead of "paying and trusting a bunch a' cut-throats and banditos" to help them enter our country as undocumented persons.

The CASICI has enough signatures to include the proposal on the mid-term election ballots in all three states.   It would be a 99-year, $1 lease to the Biden family along all unsecured border areas, in the hopes they would put up some barrier or fencing in those areas like they currently have at their three other private residences.

If the plan works, Mr. Texley says "all we'd have to worry about is the border with California."