Biden's Screen Test for "Force Awakens" Remake Leaked

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San Francisco, CA -- Lucasfilm and Disney representatives are not confirming rumors that they might remake the last three Star Wars movies, due to plot inconsistencies and poor box office performance. However, a September 1st screen test of US President Joe Biden playing General Hux from "The Force Awakens" appears to lend strong support to the rumor.

The screen test was accidentally leaked and presented as an actual speech by several news agencies, in a "War of the Worlds" moment (possibly orchestrated by Disney to generate interest, we're not sure). It shows Joe playing out a crucial scene in the movie when the commander-in-chief of the government is describing the loathsome, treacherous rebels and how they are about to be crushed by the massive power of the government.

One person familiar with the screen test noted "Joe flubbed most of his lines - he was ad-libbing a lot - but he nailed the spirit of it. Absolutely nailed it. You felt the hatred and vitriol towards people who disagreed with him. It made me want to go after these undesirables myself!"